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Bookillus offers an innovative character creation tool, allowing children's book authors to visualize their story characters.

With character designs as a guide, our artists illustrate your story, bringing each page to life with vibrant illustrations that perfectly match your vision.

Empowering authors to design their characters streamlines the illustration workflow, enabling us to offer the entire book project at the exceptional cost of $599.

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Create Characters in 2 Steps

Create book characters that bring your story to life! Bookillus simplifies this process into 2 easy steps. Design anyone from heroes to friends & mentors effortlessly.

Create Characters

Create characters by picking their name, age, gender & race, to craft their identity.

Refine Characters

Pick your character's hairstyle, hair color, eye color & clothing to personalize their look to match your vision.

Why Choose Bookillus?

A Game-Changer for
Self Published Authors

With Bookillus, creating & publishing children's books is as simple as telling your story. Begin designing your characters and we will do the rest!


Get the whole package—10+ custom illustrations, a striking book cover & professional layout design—all for just $599!


When you design your own characters it accelerates the process. Expect your complete book ready in just 7 days!


Our team of illustrators & designers will bring your story to life with the professional look it deserves.

Consistent Characters

At Bookillus, your characters remain true throughout your story. Your book will be both visually appealing and consistently accurate.

Your Book Essentials

Our process is designed to be efficient and cost-effective by setting clear parameters. These guidelines enable us to offer you exceptional quality at an unbeatable price & turnaround time.

3 Revisions MaxTo maintain our low price, we allow up to 3 revisions, keeping your project on budget and schedule.

Square Book LayoutGet an 8.5 x 8.5 inch book, the preferred size for children's books, perfect for printing with major publishers like Amazon.

24 PagesGet a 24-page book design, including the cover. You can add more pages for just $50 each, tailoring to your story's length.

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The Most Affordable Children's Book Illustrations for $599

Get professional, custom illustrations, a book layoutcover design - everything you need to get your book printed. Start now and we will bring your story to life!

Create a custom book in minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Bookillus illustration process work?

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It's simple! You design your character's look using our online tools, and we use those designs to create your book's illustrations, cover, and layout. We then deliver print-ready files for your children's book, all within 7 business days for only $599!

Can I really design the characters myself?


Absolutely! Our user-friendly platform allows you to choose your characters' features, such as:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Race

  • Hairstyle

  • Hair Color

  • Eye Color

  • Clothing

Our platform boasts thousands of unique design elements, offering endless combinations to ensure character designs can match even the most specific visions. With this vast array of options, your characters will come to life exactly as you've imagined.

How long does it take to get my finished book?

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With your characters designed, we work fast to bring your book to life. The turnaround time is just 7 business days, much quicker than the standard 3-4 weeks in the industry.

What if I need more than 10 illustrations?

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No problem! If your book requires more illustrations, just let us know, and we can discuss additional illustrations at a competitive rate.

Who owns the rights to the illustrations and the final book?

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You do! Once the book is completed, all rights to the illustrations and the book are yours.

Is there support if I need help during the design process?

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Yes, our team is here to support you at every stage. If you need assistance during the design process, we're just an email or phone call away.

How is Bookillus able to offer such competitive pricing?

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Our service is uniquely affordable because:

  • When you design your character's appearance, it streamlines our process. We focus on illustrating their actions, emotions, environments, and additional elements, which saves time and resources.

  • We use a standard book size of 8.5 x 8.5 inches, optimizing our layout and cover design process. This standardization allows us to work more efficiently, reducing both production time and costs. By having these efficiencies in place, we can pass on the savings to you, making it cost-effective to publish your children's book.

What does the $599 package include?


Our $599 package includes:

  • 10+ custom illustrations

  • A professionally designed book cover

  • A complete layout design

  • Final print-ready files for your book

Are there any hidden fees?

No. At Bookillus, what you see is what you get. Our flat rate for full-service book creation is $599. We believe in transparent pricing, so you only pay for completed books without any hidden fees or monthly subscriptions.

Order your book design now! You are $599 away from being a published author!